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Ruminesia is our personal space filled with passion for the world of entertainment, personal opinions, and various recommendations and tips to enhance your quality of life.

Ruminesia is a personal blog that explores various topics such as anime, manga, films, games, opinions, culinary delights, beauty care, exciting places, and valuable tips and tricks.

Vision and Mission of Ruminesia

Vision: To become a source of inspiration and guidance for individuals seeking entertainment, information, and personal perspectives that can broaden their insights into various aspects of life.


  1. Provide high-quality and informative content in various categories that we cover.
  2. Share our passion for entertainment and personal experiences with our readers.
  3. Offer honest and transparent recommendations and practical tips to enhance daily life experiences.

Target Audience of Ruminesia

Ruminesia caters to content and services aimed at:

Quality Entertainment Enthusiasts

Deep reviews and personal insights on anime, manga, films, and games to enrich your watching and playing experiences.

Creative and Artistic Teens

A platform for teens interested in visual arts, design, and creative writing. Discover inspiration, ideas, and reviews to develop your creativity.

Foodies and Culinary Enthusiasts

Recommendations for new dining experiences, culinary reviews, and cooking tips. Explore the world of flavors with us!

Beauty and Self-Care Enthusiasts

Beauty product reviews, beauty tutorials, and self-care tips in the beautycare category. Stay updated on the latest trends and practices to boost your confidence.

Travelers and Explorers of Interesting Places

Beyond entertainment and lifestyle, explore fascinating destinations and get travel guides to simplify your vacation plans.

Opinion Seekers and Discussion Participants

Engage in more profound thoughts about various topics, opinions, and ideas. Ruminesia is the right place for personal perspectives and discussions in the comments.

Parents Who Value Family-Friendly Content

Family-friendly content for parents to comfortably provide access to Ruminesia for their children. Discover safe and beneficial entertainment recommendations for the whole family.

Lifelong Learners

Beyond providing information, Ruminesia invites you to continue learning and self-development. Find tips, tricks, and perspectives to enhance your daily life.

Community-Driven Individuals

Ruminesia is not just a blog; it’s a community. Join us on social media, provide feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals. Let’s build a supportive and inspiring community together.

Why Ruminesia?

Diverse Content:

Ruminesia offers diverse content, from entertainment to practical advice for daily life.

Personal Perspectives

We share personal perspectives, adding a personal touch to every review and opinion we express.

Honest Recommendations

Ruminesia provides honest and transparent recommendations, free from external influences that might sway our views.

About the Author – Athif Amirudin Muhtadi

Content Writer at, Athif Amirudin Muhtadi has an educational background in Islamic Economics. With experience as a Freelance Content Writer, WordPress Developer, and SEO Specialist, he brings a wealth of expertise to the Ruminesia team.