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50+ Legendary Pokemon Names in Pokemon Go Games

This time we will discuss Legendary Pokemon names in Pokemon Go Games that are familiar to you. With extraordinary powers and abilities, these Pokemon are the target of players who want to have the best team. Come on, see the complete list and how to catch it!

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Legendary Pokemon Names released in Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon Names released in Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon Names released in Pokemon Go

The following are the names of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including:

1. Articuno (Pokemon Gen 1)

pokemon go articuno

Articuno is a Legendary Ice and Flying-type Pokémon made famous in the Pokémon franchise. It is one of the three Generation 1 Legendary Pokémon, along with Zapdos and Moltres.

Articuno is known for his ability to control cold and is described as a large avian Pokémon with sky-blue fur and wings made of ice.

He is one of many designs conceived by Game Freak and improved upon by Ken Sugimori in Pokémon Red and Blue.

In Pokémon Go, Articuno appears from time to time as a five-star raid boss. Raid bosses can be found during Raid Hour events and defeated with Rock types.

Articuno has a Shadow form, one of the best Ice-type Pokémon in the Game. Additionally, Articuno is the first Legendary Pokémon to have regional variants, with its Galaria forms being Psychic and Flying types.

Players who participated in and won the International Challenge Online Competition in February can obtain Shiny Galarian Articuno for free.

Trainers can catch Galarian Articuno in Pokémon Go and use items like the Razz Berry and Golden Razz Berry to increase their catch rate.

Overall, Articuno is a very popular Legendary Pokémon with multiple forms, looks, and abilities within the Pokémon franchise.

2. Zapdos (Pokemon Gen 1)

pokemon go zapdos

Zapdos is a legendary bird-type Pokemon in Nintendo and Game Freak’s franchise. It belonged to the legendary bird trio Articuno and Moltres and was created by Satoshi Tajiri. Zapdos is an Electric/Flying type Pokemon that can control electricity and usually resides in thunderclouds.

This Pokemon is also a Tier 5 raid boss who is quite challenging to beat, with a CP value of 46418 in Pokemon Go.

It is vulnerable to Ground-type attacks and weaker against Pokemon such as Groudon, Rhyperior, Landorus, Rhydon, and Excadrill.

There is also Galarian Zapdos, a Fighting and Flying type Pokemon, one of the three new Legendaries obtained from participating in the Pokemon GO Special Research Quest, “A Mysterious Incense.”

This quest is a two-part Special Research task set that aims to encourage Trainers to use the newly introduced Daily Adventure Incense, a particular type of Incense that will attract wild, unpredictable Pokemon.

3. Moltres (Pokemon Gen 1)

pokemon go moltres

Moltres are a species of Pokémon in the popular Pokémon franchise developed by Nintendo and Game Freak.

This Pokémon was created by Ken Sugimori and is based on the legendary bird Phoeni. Moltres is one of three flying mirages in the Game, the other two being Articuno and Zapdos.

While his Cantonese variant is a formidable Fire type, his Shadow variant is one of the best Flying types in the Game.

To defeat Moltres in raid battles, players can use powerful Rock-type attackers such as Rampardos, Rhyperior, Terrakion, Tyranitar, and Tyrantrum.

The Galarian moltres, one of the legendary Galarian birds, can be caught using the standard catch rate aerators and fruits in Pokémon GO.

To fight Moltres in raid combat, players can equip Mega Aerodactyl, Rampardos, and Rhyperior, all with Rock-type moves.

4. Mewtwo (Pokemon Gen 1)

pokemon go mewtwo ybXXm8V

Mewtwo is a popular Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. He is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon with high stats and powerful moves.

Mewtwo’s secondary moves, such as Focus Blast, allow him great match potential against various opponents.

Mewtwo is also featured in special research quests where the player must complete various tasks to obtain them.

Pokemon Mewtwo is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch in the Game. He can only be obtained through 5-star raids and boss battles requiring a group of players to beat him.

Players must also prepare well and use the most effective Pokemon to fight and catch Mewtwo. At the moment, Mewtwo didn’t feature in any of the raids, but players should watch future raid rotations closely.

In addition, there is a special event where players can capture Shadow Mewtwo by defeating Team Go Rocket leader Giovanni and starting a three-phase battle. This event begins on November 14, 2023.

In the case of fighting Mewtwo, players should use Pokemon with Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type moves to exploit its weaknesses.

Mewtwo is resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type moves. It’s important to note that Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon in the Game, and defeating it in a raid requires a well-coordinated team with high-level Pokemon.

Since raids regularly circulate, staying updated on the latest information on Mewtwo’s strengths, weaknesses, and counters is advisable.

5. Raikou (Pokemon Gen 2)

pokemon go raikou

Raikou is a legendary Electric-type Pokemon in the popular mobile Game Pokemon Go. Currently, Raikou is considered the best Electric attacker in the Game due to his access to the Wild Charge attack, which makes up for Raikou’s slightly lower attack stat than Zapdos.

Raikou is also a Tier 5 raid boss who is quite difficult, with a CP value of 45,435. However, Raikou is vulnerable to Ground-type attacks and is weaker against Pokemon such as Groudon, Rhyperior, Landorus, Rhydon, and Excadrill.

The Shiny Raikou version will be released on June 28, 2019, in Pokemon Go. Its main colors are Gold and orange, and Raikou is called a Lightning Pokemon in the Pokedex. Raikou also belongs to a family with only one member in its Evolution.

If you’re interested in raiding Raikou, it’s important to note that he has an advantage in matches where his Flying type provides essential resistance. Still, Raikou is the best Electric attacker right now without rebalancing to moves.

Raikou is 100% worth spending the extra resources on adding a second move, and SB and WC are an excellent combination.

It’s also important to remember that Thunderbolt is better at PvP than Wild Charge. However, Wild Charge is superior in all other aspects.

Finally, if you’re interested in defeating Rocket Boss Giovanni in Pokemon Go, a complete guide on finding and defeating him during March 2023 is available.

6. Entei (Pokemon Gen 2)

pokemon go entei

Entei is a legendary Pokémon in the mobile Game Pokémon Go. Entei is a Mono-Fire type originally found in the Johto region and has Pokédex number #244. In Pokémon Go, Entei has moves that are harder to choose than other Fire-type Pokémon.

Even though it has quite good strength in the Great League, the Fire-type is not very valuable due to the use of very popular Water-type Pokémon.

However, it cannot be denied that Entei is a formidable Fire-type Pokémon and is one of the best. He is a powerful generalist and one of the strongest Fire-type Pokémon in the Game. If you need strong and tough Pokémon, you can invest time and resources in capturing Entei.

The shiny version of Entei in Pokémon Go was released on 07/13/2019. The primary color of the sparkling Entei is brown.

Finally, it’s important to note that Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, has included Entei in his list of Pokémon. Players can fight Giovanni and try to catch the shadow Entei with the best available team and moves.

7. Suicune (Pokemon Gen 2)

pokemon go suicune

Suicune is a Water-type legendary Pokémon introduced in the main series of games in the Johto region. Now, Suicune can also be found in the Pokémon GO game. Suicune’s standout characteristic is his elegant appearance with a broad purple crest.

While Suicune hasn’t become a popular choice for competitive combat due to its stats, many fans still appreciate Suicune’s balance of stats in the main series of games.

In Pokémon GO, Suicune was first introduced via raid in 2017 and has since appeared in various events and raid rotations.

A shiny version of Suicune was released in 2019. While Suicune can be hard to beat in raids, it can still be a valuable addition to a trainer’s collection.

Overall, Suicune is one beloved Pokémon with a unique design and a special place in the hearts of fans. Whether for collecting or fighting, many fans still appreciate the graceful nature of this Air type.

8. Lugia (Pokemon Gen 2)

pokemon go lugia jLSQfjO

Lugia is one of the legendary Pokémon in the mobile Game Pokémon Go. This Pokémon has both flight and psychic types, making it vulnerable to several Pokemon-type attacks, including:

  • dark,
  • electricity,
  • ghost,
  • ice,
  • and rock

However, it resists combat-type, Grass, ground, and psychic attacks. Lugia is the Guardian of the Sea and the first Legendary Pokémon released in Pokémon Go.

Lugia can be found and captured in 5-star battles, and players can challenge it from March 28 to April 10, 2023. Players can use Pokémon with the dark, electric, ghost, ice, and stone attack types to beat Lugia in battle.

The best choices include Xurkitree, Zekrom, Darkrai, and Hydreigon. Players can also use Mega Pokémon such as Mega Gengar, Mega Manectric, and Mega Houndoom for extra firepower.

To catch Lugia, players must prepare their strongest Pokémon and use unique tactics, as Lugia has a CP of over 40,000. It should be noted that a variant of Lugia called Shadow Lugia also exists in this Game.

9. Ho-oh (Pokemon Gen 2)

pokemon go ho oh

Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokémon back in Pokemon GO as a limited Raid Boss. Ho-Oh is available in five-star Raid from March 8 to March 21, 2023. This Pokemon has a double weakness against Rock-type attacks, which is its best counter.

In addition, Shiny Ho-Oh is also available in raids during this period. She can be obtained by using a strong team of Rock-type Pokemon against him.

To fight Ho-Oh, it is recommended to use the Dragon type because Ho-Oh has the unique ability to defeat the non-Wild Charge Zacian in the Master League, making Ho-Oh a valuable partner for various types of Dragons.

However, Ho-Oh’s charge attack can drain energy and make it difficult for him to fight against shields. To catch Shiny Ho-Oh, players must participate in a five-star raid and have enough raid passes to purchase from the Pokemon GO in-app store for 100 Pokecoins.

Remember that Ho-Oh isn’t the only legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon GO. Other legends, such as Rayquaza, Lugia, and Tornadus, appear in raids at different times.

Ho-Oh has good Fire-type attack abilities in battle, with slightly lower DPS but quite a high TDO when equipped with Fire and Fire Blast attacks.

However, Ho-Oh still loses in DPS compared to other Fire-type Pokemon such as Moltres, Charizard, Entei, Flareon, and Heatran.

Overall, Ho-Oh is a highly sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Its return as a limited Raid Boss allows players to catch and add it to their collection.

10. Regirock (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go regirock

Regirock is a legendary Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Go. He is of the Steel breed and hails from the Hoenn region. Regirock first appeared in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games. Pokemon Regirock is also included in the raid boss tier 5 with a maximum CP of 42768.

To catch Regirock, players must pay attention to several things. Regirock is vulnerable to Pokemon types such as Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water.

In contrast, he is fragile against Ice-type Pokemon. Therefore, players are advised to use the recommended Pokemon when fighting Regirock.

However, players must be ready to return to the fight because Regirock has a strong defense. Most likely, players will have to get back into the fight after failing to capture Regirock. Don’t give up yet because patience is the key to catching Regirock.

During the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event, players can get Regirock through the use of a promo code. Apart from that, during the Raid Hour event, players also have the opportunity to find Regirock in Shiny form. This information is essential so players can more easily catch Regirock in Pokemon Go.

11. Regice (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go regice

Regice is one of the legendary Ice-type Pokemon that was first discovered in the Hoenn region. When played in Pokemon GO, Regice has a five-star difficulty and can be encountered in raid battles. However, Regice is not suitable for use as a gym guard Pokemon because it is less effective.

To defeat Regice in a raid battle, it is recommended to team up with at least three trainers and use Pokemon that have strong Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-type attacks. Examples of Pokemon to choose from include Charizard, Blaziken, Houndoom, and Aerodactyl.

Regice has resistance against Ice-type attacks but can provide effective attacks against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Therefore, Regice can be a strong choice in Master League mode.

Apart from getting it through Timed Research Tasks, players can also use codes like YKG5ZPC4SLXAX to get Regice in Pokemon GO.

However, keep in mind that Regice has a wide range of attacks and can threaten several of her opponent’s Pokemon. Therefore, it is advised to be careful when facing Regice in raid battles.

12. Registeel (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go registeel

Registeel is one of the legendary Steel-type Pokémon you can find in Pokémon Go. For Registeel itself, it has a low attack but a very strong defense, so it is very suitable for use in the Great League.

In addition, Registeel is also very resistant to several types of attacks, such as Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, and Poison.

To catch Registeel, you can wait until it appears in the Raid Battle or complete the Shadowy Skirmishes quest line to get Shadow Registeel.

Apart from that, you can also use the promo code provided by Niantic in the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event to catch Registeel.

However, it’s important to remember that Registeel is only available for a limited time in Pokemon Go. Therefore, you must make the best of this opportunity.

There is also information regarding Shadow Registeel, which has a higher attack power but a lower defense. If you want to purify Shadow Registeel, you will reduce his attack power but increase his defense.

13. Kyogre (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go kyogre

Kyogre is a powerful water-type legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. He is instrumental in battles against other legendary Pokemon, such as Moltres, Ho-Oh, Groudon, and Heatran.

Pokemon Kyogre is also a legendary tier 5 raid boss in Pokemon Go, so players must use strong grass and electric-type Pokemon to deal with it. Still, it really depends on Kyogre’s moves.

To prepare against Kyogre, there is a list of Pokemon that can be used as the best counters, including Kartana, Luxray, and Magnezone.

To use Kyogre as a water-type attack, use Waterfall as a fast attack and Hydro Pump, Origin Pulse, or Surf as your main attack.

Several moves can be used by Kyogre in Pokemon Go, and the best moves are Waterfall for a quick attack, Origin Pulse, and Surf for the main attack.

In addition, Kyogre also has a very powerful Primal form. To return it to its Primal form, it takes 400 Primal Energy for its initial Evolution and 80 Mega Energy to return it to its Primal form in the future. Even though Kyogre has good stats and moves, his strength in Pokemon Go has declined in recent years.

Shadow Pokemon, in particular, have outdone it, and the appearance of Mega Evolution will also make it less valuable. However, with the correct method and a strong Pokemon partner, Kyogre remains an excellent choice to fight raid bosses and other legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

14. Groudon (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go groudon

Groudon is one of the most famous legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon first appeared in December 2017, after the partial release of the 3rd generation. Groudon has a ground type that is the strongest in his generation and is perfect for ground-type attacks.

Primal Groudon, the evolved form of Groudon, is influential in the Game and can dish out mighty earth-type attacks. In June 2022, Groudon returned as a raid boss in the Game, so players could challenge his strength.

Groudon hails from the Hoenn region and is a ground-type legendary Pokemon. Players are advised to use Grass, ice, and water-type Pokemon to beat them. Meanwhile, players must use vital water and ground-type Pokemon to fight Primal Groudon.

Groudon has a powerful attack with a power of 270 for a spell, 228 for defense, and 205 for stamina power.

Therefore, players must be careful and choose Pokemon with the right type and have the ability to survive Groudon’s powerful attacks.

If players catch Groudon after completing Primal Raid during Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn, they will receive an event-exclusive attack.

Players must prepare vital water and grass-type Pokemon and be careful in strategizing because Groudon has a strong attack.

To help plan strategy, players can use online resources such as and Players can improve their abilities against Groudon and Primal Groudon by using these resources.

15. Rayquaza (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go rayquaza enAJqBh

Rayquaza is one of the legendary Pokémon that can be found in the Game Pokémon Go. This Pokémon has Dragon and Flying types and comes from the Hoenn region.

Pokemon Rayquaza is known to have powers over two other legendary Pokémon from the region, namely Kyogre, and Groudon.

To catch Rayquaza, players must participate in a five-star raid where Rayquaza appears as a boss. Rayquaza has a CP of 49808 and is a Tier 5 boss. However, players must be careful because Rayquaza has powerful attacks such as Outrage and Aerial Ace.

To beat Rayquaza in a raid, players can use Ice-type Pokémon such as Mamoswine, Weavile, Ice Beam Mewtwo, and Jynx. But currently, Rayquaza has been replaced by the more powerful Pokémon Shadows.

On February 22-24, 2023, the Game Pokémon Go will hold a Primal Rumblings event featuring Rayquaza. Players can catch Rayquaza during the event by performing a five-star raid at a nearby gym. Apart from that, the event also introduced a new move for Rayquaza, namely Breaking Swipe.

Breaking Swipe is a Dragon-type attack with 50 damage and 35 energy which can reduce the opponent’s Attack by 1 stage.

Players must be lucky to catch Rayquaza in Shiny form. The chance to find Rayquaza Shiny is only 5% when seeing Rayquaza in a five-star raid.

16. Latias (Pokemon Gen 3)

pokemon go latias

Latias is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. He is of the Dragon/Psychic type, which makes him strong against several attacks, such as Fighting, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, and Psychic. However, she is weak against Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy-type attacks.

To defeat Latias in a raid battle, it is recommended to use Ice, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, and Dragon-type attacks. Some Pokemon that can be effective counters for Latias include Mega Gengar, Dialga, and Mega Houndoom.

Latias also often appears in several special events in Pokemon Go, such as the Go Tour Hoenn event in February 2023. During this event, there are special missions that must be completed to have a chance to catch Latias.

Apart from that, Mega Latias is also available in Pokemon Go as one of the Mega Evolution Pokemon. He has a reasonably challenging Dragon/Psychic type and can be used as an attacker or defense in gym fights or raids.

However, to win a raid battle against Mega Latias, a team of 6-8 players with a high level is required. To catch Latias in Pokemon Go, it is recommended to use razz berries and ultra balls to increase the chance of being caught.

Apart from that, players can also take snapshots or photos with Latias to complete special missions and get a chance to catch Latios.

17. Deoxys (Pokemon Gen 3)

Deoxys is one of the legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has four forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Although each form has a different shape and stats, they all share the same type and base color.

Deoxys’ Normal Form can produce Psychic, Electric, and Normal-type attacks. Meanwhile, the Attack Deoxys form can create Psychic, Electric, Dark, and Poison-type attacks.

Deoxys’ Defense form is one of the best Pokemon in the Great League, with great defensive power and a wide range of attacks that can strike up to 10 different types for Super Effective damage.

You can find Deoxys through EX Raids in Pokemon Go. However, remember that each Deoxys form has a different CP and moveset, so it requires a different strategy.

Deoxys also has a Shiny variant that can be obtained in the Pokemon Go game. Unfortunately, unlike in the original Game, Deoxys in Pokemon Go cannot change its shape.

18. Uxie (Pokemon Gen 4)

Uxie is a legendary pokemon in the Game Pokemon Go who is part of the “Lake Trio” group with Mesprit and Azelf.

Pokemon Uxie is of the Psychic type and has a CP of 35,356, making it a formidable opponent to beat in raids. However, Uxie can only be found in Asia and the Pacific as an exclusive regional pokemon. To get Uxie, players must enter a raid battle with at least seven players.

However, Uxie has a weakness against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks. Therefore, it is recommended to bring Pokemon with this type of attack, such as Giratina, Yveltal, Volcarona, Darkrai, and Hydreigon. Despite a strong defense, Uxie has relatively weak special and regular attacks.

Because of this, Uxie is not suitable to be used as an offensive pokemon. However, Uxie can be an excellent addition to a player’s Pokemon team who needs a pokemon with a strong defense.

In addition, Uxie can also be traded with players from other regions for a different cost of stardust, depending on the level of friendship between players. You can trade with players from other regions if you want to add Uxie to your Pokemon collection.

19. Mesprit (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon mesprit

Mesprit is one of the Legendary Pokemon found in the Game Pokemon Go since April 29, 2019. Mesprit is included in the Lake Guardians group along with Azelf and Uxie.

He is Psychic and has several mainstay moves, such as Confusion and Future Sight. Mesprit also has a weakness against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves.

To get Mesprit in the Game, players must successfully complete Tier 5 raids which are quite difficult. Mesprit has a CP value of 41887, so players must prepare to beat it.

Besides that, Mesprit is also known to have a unique move, namely Blizzard, an Ice type move. Mesprit himself is known as the “Being of Emotion, ” a teacher of human emotions.

She is calm and rarely seen, although her spirit is often seen flying over the lake. Overall, Mesprit is one of the most interesting Legendary Pokemon to collect in Pokemon Go.

20. Azelf (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon azelf

Azelf is one of the three legendary Pokémon known as the “Lake Trio,” along with Uxie and Mesprit. They originate from the Sinnoh region and are believed to be the guardians of the balance of the Pokémon world.

Pokemon Azelf is a Psychic-type Pokémon with two powerful abilities: Confusion and Future Sight. Even though he can’t evolve into other Pokémon, Azelf is highly sought after by Pokémon GO players because of his extraordinary strength.

In Pokémon GO, Azelf can be obtained as a raid boss with the fifth level. However, to complete this raid, it is recommended to collaborate with 2-5 players.

Azelf can also be found in a shiny form but is only available in the Americas and Greenland. Azelf’s stats are impressive, with a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 3629.

He has an attack statistic (ATK) of 270, defense (DEF) of 151, and resilience (STA) of 181. However, Azelf also has a weakness against Bug-type attacks, Dark, and Ghosts.

Even so, Azelf is still less strong than Mewtwo, who uses Confusion and Psychic moves. However, it cannot be denied that Azelf is one of the best Psychic-type Pokémon you can have in Pokémon GO.

Even though Azelf and his two brothers are incredibly hard to catch, Pokémon GO players will surely be delighted to be able to add them to their collection.

27. Dialga (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon go dialga

Dialga is a legendary character in the very popular Game Pokemon Go. Dialga is the cover monster from the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond game and belongs to the creation trio of Sinnoh, which represent time.

He has metal and dragon types and is weak against combat and earth types. Dialga is considered the best choice for Master League in Pokemon Go, due to its brilliant stats and powerful attacks.

In order to catch Dialga in Pokemon Go, players must defeat him in a raid battle and capture him during the post-raid capture period. Dialga is a powerful character, and the player can use certain moves to utilize his powers in the Game.

The player must use the Origin Ball to catch Dialga in his proper form. Origin Balls can only be obtained by exchanging items with Professor Laventon at Jubilife Village.

Players must be careful when using Origin Balls because if they lose, they have to exchange it back with Professor Laventon to get a new one. Dialga has appeared in five-star raid battles and will continue until July 31, 2023.

Therefore, players must be prepared with the right attacks and find the right playmates to defeat them in raid battles.

28. Palkia (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon palkia

Palkia is one of the legendary Pokemon in the Game Pokemon Go. Palkia has Water and Dragon types. Pokemon Palkia is capable of using Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor attacks and has a Max CP of 3,991. Palkia appears as a Tier 5 Raid Boss.

Players can utilize consequential Dragon types, such as Dialga, Rayquaza, Salamence, Zekrom, and Dragonite, to defeat her.

For Palkia to be vulnerable to Dragon and Fairy attacks. However, the lack of strong Fairy-type Mega Pokemon makes players have to focus on Dragon-type Pokemon. To get Palkia in Pokemon Go, players must participate in a Tier 5 Raid Battle with a CP of 54,793.

Unfortunately, Palkia cannot be found in the wild, so players must rely on Raid Battles to get them. Apart from that, Palkia also appears in Pokemon Go’s Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event.

In use, Palkia can be used as a powerful attacker Dragon. However, the Draco Meteor attack will reduce its damage output, making it less strong than Rayquaza.

Palkia is also not suitable for use as a Water-type attacker because she needs a better Water-type fast move. Players can use Palkia’s dual attack abilities to take on Raid Battles and Leagues.

29. Heatran (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon go heatran

Heatran is one of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go that has its own characteristics. While her DPS is weaker than other Pokemon like Moltres, Heatran has the best defense among fire-type Pokemon.

In addition, Heatran also has 10 resistances, 6 of which are double resistances covering any type that is weak against fire attacks.

However, Heatran also has a dual weakness against earth-type attacks. Therefore, Groudon and Rhyperior, with double moves of the ground type, were considered the best counters against him.

In Heatran’s raid duo battle, ground-type attacks remain the key to victory even though the weather can affect counter profiles. Heatran is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go and can only be caught by completing raid battles.

The best counters for catching Heatran are ground-type Pokemon like Groudon, Rhyperior, Golem, and Machamp.

To catch Heatran, special techniques are needed such as determining the color circle and waiting for Heatran to attack before throwing a Pokeball.

Apart from that, Heatran can also be used in PvP battles. While imperfect, Heatran can take on many opposing Pokemon, notably Dragon, and Metagross, with Meteor Mash.

To get Heatran in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players must open the Battle Zone and defeat the Elite Four to become the champion of Sinnoh.

Even though it has a weakness against earth-type attacks, Heatran is still a good choice as a fire-type Pokemon with the best defense and strong resistance against many types of attacks. Therefore, Heatran is a Pokemon that should be considered in the strategy game Pokemon Go.

30. Regigigas (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon go regigigas

Regigigas is a Normal type legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go with a maximum CP of 4913. It has three main strengths namely attack, defense, and stamina.

However, he has many weaknesses that make it difficult to use in PvP combat. To fight Regigigas, we can use Fighting-type attacks, and the best episodes are Zen Headbutt and Giga Impact. Regigigas was a raid boss in EX Raids. To get Regigigas in Pokemon Go.

We have to complete The Plate of Snowpoint Temple mission first which requires us to complete the main storyline and also The Researcher of Myths mission.

Regigigas does not evolve into any other Pokemon, and he is part of a one-member family. He is a Normal-type Pokemon with high CP and powerful attacks.

However, we must remember that Regigigas has many weaknesses that make it challenging to use in PvP combat. If we want to get Regigigas, we must complete a particular mission or buy it for a specific price in the Game.

Thus the information about Regigigas in Pokemon Go. Hopefully, this information is helpful for those of you who are playing Pokemon Go!

31. Giratina (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon go giratina

Giratina is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon has two forms, namely Altered Forme and Origin Forme. However, Origin’s state is superior to an attacker, Ghost, and Dragon. At the same time, Giratina-Altered is suitable for use in Ultra League.

Giratina has Ghost and Dragon types with weaknesses to Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Ice, and Fairy. Players must participate in a raid with a difficulty level of five stars to catch it. Even so, Giratina had resistance against Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Grass-, Electric-, Fighting-, Poison-, and Bug-type attacks.

Not surprisingly, Giratina is quite popular in Pokemon GO and is considered a superior Pokemon in PVP. In particular, Giratina-Altered is updated with her signature move, Shadow Force, making her even more powerful in PVP battles.

To catch Giratina, players can try during special raid hours to increase their chances of getting a shiny version of this Pokemon.

However, remember that Giratina is a rare Pokemon, so players must be prepared for a more significant challenge in catching it.

26. Cresselia (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon go cresselia

Cresselia is a Psychic-type legendary Pokémon that you can find in Pokémon GO. Cresselia has a maximum CP of 3230 with 152 ATK, 258 DEF, and 260 STA stats.

Don’t worry if you want to catch Cresselia in windy weather, because the weather can affect it. However, you must be careful because Cresselia is vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks. To get Cresselia, you can only catch her in Tier 5 Raids.

You can also defeat Cresselia using several types of Pokémon such as Pheromosa, Chandelure, Gengar, Gengar (Costume 2020), and Dragapult.

You can also learn tips and tricks for defeating Cresselia in Raid Battles through sources. However, currently, no Raid Battle Cresselia schedule has been announced.

27. Darkrai (Pokemon Gen 4)

pokemon darkrai

Darkrai is one of the legendary Dark-type Pokémon presents in Pokémon Go. He has a high level 5 Raid Boss difficulty with a CP value of 53623.

For Darkrai, it is weak against Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type attacks. When fighting Darkrai, players can use several powerful Pokémon such as Conkeldurr, Lucario, Machamp, Togekiss, Hariyama, Heracross, Toxicroak, Breloom, Gardevoir, Xerneas, and Volcarona.

Although hard to beat, Darkrai can be a strong opponent in battle because he has a combination of high attacks and quite good defense.

To get Darkrai in the Game, players can participate in events held by Niantic or join Raid Battles with other players. The chance to get a shiny version of Darkrai only occurs every one out of twenty battles.

However, with some strategies and the right tips, players can increase their chances of getting the shiny version of Darkrai. One event Niantic held that can provide players an opportunity to find Darkrai is Pokémon Go Fest: Berlin.

However, players must be at the event location to be able to find spawn Pokémon that are only available in that event.

28. Cobalion (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go colbain

Cobalion is one of the legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon GO game, which has Steel and Fighting types. He is also the leader of the legendary group Swords of Justice. If you want to fight Cobalion in Raid.

You can use Pokemon with Fighting, Ground, or Fire-type attacks, such as Reshiram, Mega Charizard, Chandelure, Darmanitan, Lucario, and Conkeldurr.

In addition, you can get Cobalion by catching it during certain weather conditions with certain Combat Power depending on the player’s level.

In PvP combat, Cobalion is very useful in Ultra League with IV raid and Charge Move Priority. However, if you want to strengthen your Cobalion, trading for more Def will help it in PvP battles.

Cobalion has several movesets you can use in PvE battles, such as Double Kick and Sacred Sword, Metal Claw, Iron Head, and Zen Headbutt. However, Double Kick with Sacred Sword is the best moveset choice for Cobalion.

Cobalion is a powerful Pokemon with a Max CP of 3,022. He can protect Pokemon and their allies from those who harm them because he has a body and heart made of steel.

29. Terrakion (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go terrakion

Terrakion is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. The type of Terrakion is Rock/Fighting, which gives it an advantage in attack range.

However, its main weakness is its lack of durability, with 7 weaknesses. You can find Terrakion in Five-Star Raids and special events in Pokemon Go.

However, to beat him, you need a team of at least three to five skilled players with Pokemon with the best attacks. If you want to face Terrakion, you have to use the right Pokemon to counter the type of attack it has.

Make sure the Pokemon you use has enough strength to beat it. Some Pokemon that are suitable for fighting Terrakion are Mega Aggron, Rampardos, Tyranitar, and Rhyperior.

30. Virizion (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go virizion

Virizion is a Grass and Battle-type legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon is weak against Lightning, Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks.

To defeat Virizion in a raid, it is recommended to use strong Flying-type Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Salamence, and Dragonite. Fire, Ice, Psychic, and Poison-type Pokemon are also good choices.

Virizion has a maximum strength of 3417 with an attack of 192, defense of 229, and stamina of 209. He is also a Swords of Justice group member along with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Keldeo. Virizion can use main attacks such as Double Kick and Sacred Sword in battle.

Therefore, make sure the Pokemon used in the raid resist both attacks. To catch Virizion, specific requirements are required, such as having enough catch balls and using Berries to increase the probability of a catch.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the difficulty level of Virizion’s Raid so that the formed team can beat the Pokemon easily.

31. Tornadus (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go tornadus

Tornadus is one of the legendary Pokémon in the Game Pokémon Go. To find it, you need to do Raid level 5 first. This Pokémon is mono-Flying and has high ATK, but its resistance is relatively low.

To beat Tornadus easily, it is recommended to use an electric, rock, or ice-type Pokémon such as Raikou, Mamoswine, or Tyranitar. You can find a Shiny version of Tornadus Incarnate in the Game if you’re lucky.

However, the opportunity to find one is extremely rare. Tornadus is a legendary Pokémon from the fifth generation and comes from the Unova region.

Raid level 5 is the highest difficulty level in the Game and requires a minimum of 2-3 players. Therefore, you must collaborate with other players to be able to successfully complete this raid.

32. Thundurus (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go thundurus

Thundurus is one of the legendary Pokémon you can find in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon has Electric and Flying types and has two forms, Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme. In his Therian Forme, Thundurus had higher stats than his Incarnate Forme.

However, the weakness of Therian Forme is its slower movement, which is why players don’t like it. You can find Thundurus’ Incarnate Forme in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon has a weakness against Rock and Ice-type attacks.

The performance of Thundurus’ Incarnate Forme is poor compared to other Electric Pokémon such as Zapdos, so it is better to store Thundurus in Therian Forme.

Thundurus, in his Incarnate Forme, can also be faced as an opponent in 5-Star Raids in Pokémon GO. When fighting Thundurus, you need to know what moves he has so you can achieve victory.

If you want to catch Thundurus, you should know that this Pokémon has a high IV when seen with a CP of 1911 and in windy or rainy weather conditions.

Thundurus is weak against Ice and rock attacks but is resistant to Ground, Fighting, Steel, Grass, and Bugs. Thundurus can also be faced as a Tier 5 Raid Boss with max Raid CP 46044 in its Incarnate Forme.

The Therian Forme form of Thundurus can also be encountered in Pokémon GO with a CP between 2002-2091 at level 20 regardless of the weather.

33. Reshiram (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon reshiram

Reshiram is one of the legendary Pokemon in the Game Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has very strong Fire and Dragon types but has a weakness against Ground, Rock, and Dragon-type attacks.

To beat Reshiram in a raid battle, it is recommended to use Pokemon with Ground, Rock, or Dragon attack types. In early January 2023, Reshiram appeared in a five-star battle in Pokemon Go as a Raid Boss.

This Pokemon is very strong in PvE battles. It could even be the best Fire-type Pokemon at that time. Apart from that, Reshiram is also very useful in PvP battles with its powerful Fusion Flare attack.

To defeat Reshiram in battle, you need several Pokemon with very strong attacks. Some examples of Pokemon that can be used include Groudon, Rhyperior, Dialga, and Rayquaza.

However, Reshiram can still be defeated in a raid battle as long as the Pokemon used has a high enough CP and a strong team.

Reshiram also often appears in special events such as the Pokemon Go Festival and Community Day. At the 2023 Pokemon Go Festival, Reshiram can be faced on the second day in a five-star battle.

34. Zekrom (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon zekrom

Zekrom is a legendary Dragon and Electric-type Pokemon found in the Game Pokemon Go in the Unova region. For Zekrom himself, he has a maximum strength or CP of 4565 with ATK 275, DEF 211, and STA 205 stats.

However, Zekrom is weak in Dragon, Fairy, Ground, and Ice-type attacks. However, he is highly resistant to Electric, Fire, Flying, Grass, Steel, and Water-type attacks. To catch Zekrom in a raid battle, players can use strong Dragon, Ground, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokemon as counters.

At least a team of 3-5 players with a high level of 6-10 players with a low rank is needed to fight this raid boss. Zekrom’s best moves are Charge Beam and Fusion Bolt, which have a DPS of up to 17.95.

To maximize Zekrom’s performance in battle, players can give him the best moveset with a combination of Charge Beam and Fusion Bolt moves. Players can catch Zekrom in raid battles between January 10, 2023, and January 18, 2023, local time.

35. Kyurem (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon kyurem

Kyurem is one of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go which has two types, namely Dragon and Ice. This Pokemon becomes the boss of a T5 raid which requires several players to beat it. To attack Kyurem, you can use Dragon Breath, and Glaciate moves as the best attacks.

Kyurem is vulnerable to Fighting, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy attacks. Therefore, choosing a Pokemon with that type of attack is recommended if you want to fight Kyurem.

Some Pokemon you can use as the best counter to beat Kyurem include Metagross, Lucario, Machamp, Dragonite, and Charizard (Mega Y).

Don’t forget, Kyurem can be caught with CP 1791 – 2042 at level 20 and 2239 – 2553 at level 25. However, if you want to beat him easily, forming a team of around three experienced players is recommended.

36. Landorus (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go landours

Landorus is a legendary Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has two forms, namely Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme.

Therian Forme Landorus is considered one of the best Earth-type attackers in the Game, with higher attack stats than other non-Mega Earth-type attackers.

To get Landorus, you can try to catch it through Raid Battles and PvP. However, you’ll have to wait until Niantic adds him to his current Pokemon rotation.

At the time of writing, Landorus’ Therian Forme is available in five-star Raid Battles from April 26, 2022, to May 3, 2022. If you get Landorus, you will have great strength against Pokemon Steel types.

However, you must also be careful with the Flying type, often paired with Steel, because it can threaten Landorus.

Even though Landorus’ movement was nerfed before release, this Pokemon is still an excellent addition for players looking to upgrade their Land-type team in Pokemon Go.

37. Genesect (Pokemon Gen 5)

pokemon go genesect 9SHfci5

Genesect is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go. He has the Bug and Steel attack types and was first introduced in the Pokemon Black and White games.

To beat Genesect in a raid, players can use Pokemon with Fire attack types such as Moltres, Chandelure, and Darmanitan. Players can also use Pokemon with Water attack types, such as Kyogre and Gyarados.

However, remember that Genesect also has a Steel type, so players should be careful when using Pokemon with Steel and Bug types, such as Scizor and Metagross because they are ineffective. Genesect has four types of “Drives”, each of which gives it a different kind of Techno Blast ability.

However, most players prefer to use Genesect as a Bug-type Pokemon, as its Bug Buzz ability is very effective against many Pokemon.

After successfully defeating Genesect in a raid, players will have the opportunity to capture it. However, remember that Genesect has a high CP and can be challenging to catch.

38. Xerneas (Pokemon Gen 6)

Xerneas is a Fairy-type legendary Pokemon that often appears in Pokemon Go as a 5-star raid boss with Combat Power (CP) between 2073 to 2160 at level 20, with no weather bonuses.

Xerneas is very strong in the Master League due to his similar stats to Zacian and the combination of Fairy and Fighting types.

However, Xerneas is weak against Poison and Steel-type attacks, while Fighting Bug, Dark, and Dragon types should be avoided because Xerneas is quite challenging against these types of attacks.

To capture Xerneas, a strong and well-structured raid team is needed. After being caught, Xerneas can change into an interesting active mode when used in battle. This makes Xerneas a Pokemon that many Pokemon Go players are looking for and eyeing.

To beat Xerneas, choosing the right Pokemon type strategy is the key to victory. Players are advised to take advantage of Xerneas’ weakness against Poison and Steel-type attacks.

With his rare presence and extraordinary power, Xerneas is a prime target for Pokemon Go players looking to add to their legendary Pokemon collection.

39. Yveltal (Gen 6 Pokemon)

pokemon yveltal

Yveltal is a Dark/Flying type legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon can be found as a level 5 raid boss and benefits from cloudy or windy weather.

Yvetal has several weaknesses, such as Electric, Fairy, Rock, and Ice types. A trainer can capture Yveltal from September 27 to October 8, 2022, during a level 5 boss raid.

To defeat Yveltal, trainers can use some of the best counter Pokemon such as Xurkitree, Zekrom, Togekiss, Rampardos, and Magnezone. The best strategy for fighting Yveltal depends on the team and the trainer’s type of Pokemon.

Some of the best move sets for Yveltal in Pokemon Go include Snarl as a Fast Move and Dark Pulse and Focus Blast as Charged Moves.

As a legendary Pokemon, Yveltal can provide significant strength to a team of trainers and be a valuable asset in battle. However, trainers should pay attention to Yveltal’s weaknesses and use the right counters to defeat her.

40. Tapu Koko(Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon tapu koko

Tapu Koko is a legendary Pokémon of the Electric and Fairy types introduced during the Alola Season of Pokémon Go. Tapu Koko is available in 5 Star Raids and has a maximum Raid CP of 45,438.

This Pokemon has a weakness for Earth types and can be trounced by Pokémon with strong Ground types and attacks.

There are some Dragon-type Pokémon, and Dragon-type attacks are not recommended against Tapu Koko as they will only deal 39% damage over standard attacks.

Additionally, Tapu Koko can be caught within the Combat Power (CP) range of Level 20 Raid catch: 1730 – 1810 CP and Level 25 Raid catch (with Cloudy weather boost): 2162 – 2263 CP. There is also a chance to catch Shiny Tapu Koko during Legendary Raids and trading.

However, due to the extremely high amount of Stardust required for such a trade, the most effective method was through Raids. Besides that, Raid Pokémon GO has the best Shiny odds in the Game.

Tapu Koko is also one of the four Guardian Gods of Alola, who protect the Alola Islands along with Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini.

In the Master League, Tapu Koko’s rating is not very high due to a lack of stats compared to the meta picks in this league, along with a slow moveset. Therefore, players must consider this before using Tapu Koko as part of their team when playing in this league.

41. Tapu Lele (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon tapu lele

Tapu Lele is a legendary Pokemon from the seventh generation found in Pokemon Go. Tapu Lele is a Psychic and Fairy type, so she is weak against Ghosts, Poison, and Steel attacks.

Even though Tapu Lele is not the Pokemon with the strongest attack in the Psychic or Fairy types, its maximum CP is higher than most other Fairy types.

Tapu Lele can be helpful in Raid Battles against several Raid Bosses, such as Machamp, Palkia, Darkrai, Terrakion, Zekrom, and Kyurem.

However, Tapu Lele can be said to be a Pokemon that has yet to perform optimally because it can’t use the Charm move like in the main Pokemon series.

To beat Tapu Lele in a Raid Battle, cooperation with other players and a good strategy are required. Tapu Lele can be trounced by experienced players of 3-4 people, while new players should form a team of 6.

Overall, Tapu Lele is a valuable Pokemon in certain situations in Pokemon Go. Still, it also needs to stand out in its kind.

42. Tapu Bulu (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon tapu bulu

Tapu Bulu is one of the legendary Pokemon in the Game Pokemon Go that first appeared during the Spring into Spring event in April 2022. Pokemon Tapu Bulu is the guardian god of the island of Ula’ula in the Alola region with the Grass/Fairy type.

He can be found in five-star raids over some time, and at that time, Raid Hour will be the best time to catch him. In battle, Tapu Bulu has good resistance and attacks comparable to Roserade.

However, due to the limited type of Grass, it is optional. It can be substituted with other options, such as Venusaur.

To fight Tapu Bulu, players must be careful of its Grass-type attacks and find its weaknesses against Poison, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Steel-types.

Even though Tapu Bulu has a decent maximum CP, good attack, and resistance, its drawback is its inadequate fast attack. Therefore, players must choose a fast attack to defeat Tapu Bulu effectively.

43. Tapu Fini (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon tapu fini

Tapu Fini is one of the legendary Pokemon present in Pokemon Go. He is the patron god of Poni Island in the Alola region. Tapu Fini has Water and Fairy types, making her vulnerable to Electric, Grass, and Poison-type attacks.

Apart from that, Tapu Fini also has relatively high defense stats, making it suitable for use in PvP battles. Players can use Electric, Grass, or Poison-type Pokemon to defeat Tapu Fini in a Raid battle for a 160% effectiveness bonus.

Some recommended Pokemon are Zekrom, Therian Thundurus, Zarude, Electivire, Raikou, Zapdos, Mega Gengar, and Mega Beedrill.

Tapu Fini is a Tier 5 Raid boss, so a strong team of players is required to beat it. However, players who catch Tapu Fini will get the maximum CP value.

44. Nihilego (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon nihilego

Nihilego is a legendary Rock and Poison-type Pokemon in the Alola region of Pokemon Go. Nihilego is the only Ultra Beast Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Go.

This Pokemon is quite strong, especially in battles against Fairy and Flying type Pokemon. Additionally, Nihilego can absorb the opponent’s energy and use that energy to activate his unique abilities. To catch Nihilego, you must take part in the raid battles available in Pokemon Go.

Raid battles to capture Nihilego are only available randomly, so you should monitor your Game regularly to see when they are available.

Some Pokemon that can be the best counter against Nihilego include Tyranitar, Golem, Machamp, Gyarados, and Alakazam. However, ensure that the Pokemon you use has reached the level and power sufficient to fight Nihilego.

Remember to always carry lots of balls to catch Nihilego because legendary Pokemon like Nihilego tend to be challenging to detect.

45. Pheromosa (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon pheromosa

In the Game Pokemon Go, Pheromosa is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be faced in battles at the Tier 5 raid level.

Meanwhile, as a Bug/Fighting type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Pheromosa has the best fast attacks in Bug Bite and low-cost attacks with STAB, such as Lunge and Close Combat. However, Pheromosa could be stronger in fighting in the Fighting-type field.

This Pokemon is mighty in battle and can be utilized in various battle leagues, including the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.

To catch Buzzwole, players must participate in the latest GO Fest event in Seattle. After capturing it, players can use Buzzwole for gym battles and raids. Buzzwole has weaknesses against several types of attacks, such as:

46. Buzzwole (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon buzzwole

Buzzwole is one of the Ultra Beast Pokemon found in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon has both Bug and Fighting attack types.

  • fairies,
  • fire,
  • flying,
  • and Psychic.

The recommended moves to give Buzzwole are the Counter fast moves, and the Lunge and Superpower charge moves for combat.

Buzzwole can also be an excellent alternative to using other Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Conkeldurr and Mega Lopunny, in battle.

Buzzwole is a good choice for a strong and tough Pokemon GO team. However, players must pay attention to Buzzwole’s weaknesses in dealing with certain types of attacks.

47. Xurkitree (Pokemon Gen 7)

Xurkitree is an electric-type Ultra Beast found in Five-Star Raids battles in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon has an electric-type attack which is very effective against Flying and water-type Pokemon such as Mega Charizard Y, Mega Gyarados, Moltres, Lugia, and Ho-Oh.

To defeat Xurkitree, it is recommended to use strong ground-type Pokemon, such as Groudon and Rhyperior, or ghost-type Pokemon, such as Mega Gengar.

Xurkitree has considered one of the best Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go, as it has one of the highest attack stats in the Game.

Even if Xurkitree doesn’t get the moveset players have come to expect, he remains a solid choice to add to a team for both PvP and PvE combat.

Adding different attacks to Xurkitree can help you cover more types of Pokemon in battle. To capture Xurkitree, players must participate in Five-Star Raid battles and in groups of at least 2-4 people.

Under normal weather conditions, Xurkitree, who has 100% IV, will have a CP of 2249. In enhanced weather conditions, his CP will reach 2812.

However, it’s important to remember that Xurkitree can only be found in Five-Star Raids battles and is unavailable for capture in the normal Pokemon Go environment. Also, Xurkitree is part of the Ultra Beast collection, which can be found only in special events like Pokemon Go Fest.

48. Celesteela (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon celesteela

Celesteela is one of the Ultra Beasts found in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon is a type of Pokemon of Steel and Flying types, so it is vulnerable to attacks of Fire and Electric types.

Therefore, to beat Celesteela, you should use Pokemon with Fire or Electric-type attacks. To help defeat Celesteela, use a combination of Body Slam, Bulldoze, Iron Head, or Heavy Slam.

Body Slam has a low energy cost, making it helpful in applying neutral damage and pressure to enemy shields.

Meanwhile, Bulldoze provides many attacks against Celesteela’s weakness against Fire-type Pokemon. Also, in Pokemon Go, Celesteela can be captured through raid battles. Celesteela’s previous raid lasted from September 13 to September 27, 2022.

49. Kartana (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon kartana

Kartana is one of the Grass and Steel type Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go. He is a pokemon with a very high DPS (Damage Per Second).

However, to beat Kartana in a Raid Battle, players must use Battle-type and Fire-type Pokemon with strong attacks.

Kartana is only available in the North region and cannot be found in the southern part. The player must participate in a Raid Battle with Kartana as the boss to capture it.

To optimize the use of Kartana, players must choose the best move set for this Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, Kartana is advised to use Grass and Steel-type attacks such as Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade.

Kartana also has a weakness against Fighting-type and Fire-type attacks and is immune to Dragon, Electric, elf, Grass, and Normal-type attacks. In PvP, Kartana can be used with Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade attacks, providing very high DPS.

However, Kartana is vulnerable to both Fire and Fighting-type attacks, so players must choose the right team and consider an effective strategy to avoid significant damage.

50. Guzzlord (Pokemon Gen 7)

pokemon guzzlord

Guzzlord is a Dark and Dragon-type Ultra Beast released in Pokemon Go for the first time in a five-star raid battle.

He is vulnerable to Ice, Fighting, Bug, Dragon, and Fairy attacks. Therefore, when choosing Pokemon to fight Guzzlord, it’s best to select Pokemon with fast attacks and powerful attacks of that type.

Guzzlord has a lot of HP but is weak against this attack. If you defeat a Guzzlord within 5 minutes, all players in the raid will get a chance to capture it.

In addition, Guzzlord can be caught with a specific CP, depending on the level. Although Guzzlord could have been more competitively popular in the leading Game, his appearance in Pokemon Go gave him a chance to shine.

51. Zacian (Pokemon Gen 8)

pokemon zacian hero of many battles

Zacian is a legendary fairy-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 8. This Pokemon is the mascot of the Game Pokemon Sword and is included in the Hero Duo alongside Zamazenta.

In Pokemon Go, Zacian is a fairy-type Pokemon vulnerable to Poison and Steel-type attacks. And, In Pokemon Go, Zacian was first added during the Sword & Shield event in 2021.

As a fairy-type Pokemon, Zacian can be a good choice for Fairy-type attacks in raids. However, the effectiveness of his attack depends on the efficacy of the fast type of attack he has.

To defeat Zacian in raid battles, it is recommended to choose Pokemon with fast attacks and attacks filled with Poison and Steel types.

Pokemon that can be used against Zacian include Mega Gengar, Mega Beedrill, and Mega Scizor. Zacian can also be an obtainable Pokemon in raid battles. So, if you want to catch Zacian, join the raid battle.

Lastly, a Pokemon UNITE event is called Adventure in Zacian’s Weald. Players can earn adventure coins and exchange them for Zacian.

52. Zamazenta (Pokemon Gen 8)

pokemon zamazenta hero of many battles

Zamazenta is one of the legendary Pokemon in the Game Pokemon Go. Zamazenta itself is a Fighting type initially found in the Galar region.

He has two forms, namely Hero of Many Battles and Crowned Shield. He can be found in raid battles and battles with other players and has several powerful moves such as Snarl and Close Combat.

To catch it, players must use an ultra ball and have good playing skills because the success of seeing is only 80%.

Zamazenta appears several times, one of which is in the Ultra Unlock 3 Part 3 event until the end of August 2022. In the same month, a “raid hour” was held with a battle against Hero of Many Battles Zamazenta.

53. Regidrago (Pokemon Gen 8)

pokemon regidrago

Regidrago is a Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon recently introduced to Pokemon Go via Raid Elite. Despite his attractive design, Regidrago isn’t strong in battle due to his low Attack stat and lack of STAB Fast Move.

However, Regidrago can be trounced using Dragon, Ice, and Elf-type attacks which are effective against him.

Both Steel and Dragon-type, Dialga is also a good choice against Regidrago. Dialga is not weak against Dragon-type attacks and can withstand Normal-type attacks. To fight Regidrago in Raid Elite, a solid and well-organized Pokemon team is required.

Regidrago is a challenging Raid Boss, so it will take more than one trainer to beat him. He’s only available during certain Raid Elite weekends, so keep an eye on his schedule of events.

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How to Catch Legendary Pokemon and Unlock Legendary Raids in Pokémon Go

Niantic has finally opened up the possibility to catch Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go after Pokémon Go Fest.

In the summer of 2017, the Legendary birds Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos appeared and disappeared. Along with the appearance, other Legendary Pokemon, namely Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, appear in autumn.

The spread of Legendary Pokemon from Generation 3 in the winter of that year, starting with Groudon. While Legendary Raids have similarities to regular Raids, there are some differences in their appearance and how to catch them:

  • Legendary Pokemon are only available through five-star raids or the most significant difficulty of raids.
  • Legendary Pokemon also appear as Research Breakthrough prizes for completing Field Research Quests.
  • Legendary Pokémon in five-star raids change regularly. If you miss the event, you can wait until the event opens again.
  • You can meet Legendary Pokémon in five-star raids by reaching Rank 20 in the Go Battle League.
  • Elite Raid – formerly EX Raid Battles – features some hard-to-find Legendary Pokemon, such as Regidrago. Elite Raid takes 24 hours to hatch and is only available for 30 minutes.
  • Legendary Pokémon in Raid has the highest CP compared to all other Raid creatures. For example, Articuno has a CP of 37,603, Moltres 41,953, Zapdos 42,691, Lugia 42,753, and MewTwo, a tremendous CP of 49,430.
  • Once the battle is over, the Legendary must be caught like any other Raid, although the capture rate is lower.
  • Once you catch a Legendary Pokemon, you cannot use it to defend the Game. However, you can attack them in the next raid.
  • The distance to get Candy Legendary Pokémon is 20km. So we recommend using Rare Candies as rewards from Raid battles as an easy way to power them up.

How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Like other Raid battles, you must catch a Legendary Pokemon once you defeat it. This is pretty tough, considering that according to research from the Pokémon Go community called The Silph Road, your chances are slim.

  • The success rate of catching Legendary Pokémon, excluding Mewtwo, is 3%.
  • Without using any upgrades, such as a Razz Gold Berry and a Curveball with good throws. You only have a 1 in 33 chance of catching that Pokémon – not a good chance.
  • You can also get a small bonus with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Capture Type Pokemon medal.
  • The Razz Gold Berry, Curveball, and “Awesome” throw, along with the Gold medal for that Legendary Type, give you a 24% chance to catch a Legendary.
  • Catching Mewtwo has a 6% success rate – meaning it’s much easier to see than other Legendaries and even more accessible than some Tier 4 Raid bosses!

With all of the above, what can you do to increase your chances of catching Legendary Pokémon? It is recommended that you:

  • Try curve shots and “Good,” “Great,” or “Excellent” throws (throw the ball right in the center of the circle – the smaller the process, the better)
  • Use the Gold Razz Berry on every catch attempt
  • Finally, upgrade as many relevant Catch Bonus medals as possible to Gold by catching wild animals of the same Type.

Video Tips on How to Catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon Names Conclusion

How are you ready to catch the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Although the difficulty of catching them is excellent, you can increase your chances by using Golden Razz Berries, making Curveballs, and trying to get Nice, Great, or Excellent throws.

Remember to increase your Catch Bonus medals as much as possible by catching wild Pokemon of the same type. By paying attention to all the tips and tricks above, you can catch your favorite Legendary Pokemon Names shortly. Good luck!


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