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Chainsaw Man Anime Review and Storyline

Get ready to be amazed by the newest anime that hits anime fans, Anime Chainsaw Man! This anime is prepared to entertain you with an exciting plot and strong characters. Come on, find out why you should watch this anime in the following article!

What is Chainsaw Man?

What is Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga and anime work filled with the horror-comedy genre. The story is lifted from a world where demons manifest from the fear of humans. It follows the adventures of a teenager named Denji.

Denji is forced to team up with a Chainsaw Devil named Pochita to hunt demons to repay his father’s debt to the yakuza group.

Interestingly, the mature theme presented in this story is quite different from the usual shounen, thus attracting a lot of attention from anime fans. In 2022, Chainsaw Man will be one of the most anticipated anime by fans.

Synopsis Anime Chainsaw Man

Synopsis of Chainsaw Man Anime

Anime Chainsaw Man carries a dark and horror theme in telling the story of a teenager named Denji who is forced to hunt evil demons to pay off the debt left by his parents to the yakuza group.

This story that combines action, fantasy, and supernatural elements has succeeded in attracting the attention of mature anime fans.

With a unique story concept and stunning visuals, Chainsaw Man is considered one of the most anticipated anime in 2022.

The thrill of the adventures of Denji and the Chainsaw Devil named Pochita, which brought them to meet scary demons all over Japan, makes this anime a must-watch for fans looking for a different and challenging story.

Chainsaw Man anime character

Characters of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is an anime that captivates fans with its unique and strong characters. The story begins with the main character, Denji, a teenager who lives in poverty and is in debt.

To pay off this debt, Denji has to work as a Demon Hunter who has to chase evil demons all over Japan.

Of course, it’s not only Denji that attracts the attention of fans, but also other characters such as:

1. Denji

The main character in the story lives in poverty and is in debt. Denji has a devil pet with a chainsaw named Pochita.

2. Power

One of Denji’s friends is a blood demon. Assist Denji in killing the other monsters.

3. Pochita

He is a chainsaw demon that gives Denji the Power to become the Chainsaw Man.

4. Makima

A Control Devil who has an interest in Denji. Makima is the leader of the public security bureau or a demon exterminator.

5. Angel Devil

One of the most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, where the Angel Devil can reduce the age of everyone who touches it.

6. Aki Hayakawa

A demon hunter who has contracts with several demons and a tragic life background. Despite having powerful abilities, Aki is constantly haunted by her dark past.

7. Kobeni

A demon hunter under Makima’s command has strong abilities but often shows a cowardly nature and cries when under pressure.

8. and Kishibe

A senior demon hunter and captain of the 4th Tokyo Special Division, respected by other demon hunters for possessing potent abilities. Become one of Denji and Power’s trainers.

With strong characters and an exciting story, Chainsaw Man has managed to captivate anime fans and become one of the most anticipated anime in 2022.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Review

As for the chainsaw man, I’ve watched anime on the Netflix OTT platform. The anime tells the story of Denji becoming a demon hunter and fighting Katana Man.

You might be disappointed if you want to see action in the anime. Because there are more dramas raised in the anime.

In addition, Denji’s fights with other demons are not as brutal as those in the manga. However, the quality of the graphics is excellent, with pictures and the way they are taken, like anime movies that are shown in cinemas.

The story itself breaks the shonen manga habit. Generally, the main character has a strong desire to achieve something, while Denji is not like that.

The overall score that can be given to Chainsaw Man is a score of 8/10.

Questions Related to the Chainsaw Man Anime

1. When will the Chainsaw Man anime be released?

After much fan anticipation, the Chainsaw Man anime was finally released on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, via TV Tokyo.

Before its release, the trailer for the anime was released on September 19, 2022, on the Mappa Channel Youtube account and got more than 11 million views.

Fans in Indonesia can also watch Chainsaw Man on October 12, 2022, through the Prime Video Indonesia application or the Bstation/Bilibili anime streaming platform.

The series is estimated to end in December 2022 after 12 episodes, with the second episode of the first season scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

For fans, Chainsaw Man is one of the anime that must be watched because of its excellent animation quality and exciting storyline.

2. Up to what episode is Chainsaw anime?

Chainsaw Man has been on the air for 12 episodes ending on December 27, 2022. This action-packed anime series debuted on October 11, 2022, and moods once a week with one episode per week.

Fans can continue Denji and Fake’s adventures in the Chainsaw Man manga starting from chapter 38 if they want to know the continuation of the story.

For those who haven’t watched, there are streaming platforms or online viewing sites that provide these episodes.

With stunning animation and a story full of surprises, the Chainsaw Man anime is one of the best anime in 2022 and is worth watching.

3. What anime is Toya Denji from?

Toya Denji is the main character of the anime Chainsaw Man.

4. Where can you watch the anime, Chainsaw Man?

You can watch the Chainsaw Man anime on official streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, bStation, Viu, and others.

The broadcast schedule for Chainsaw Man can vary for each streaming platform, so you need to check the broadcast schedule for the forum you choose.

5. Has Chainsaw Man Season 1 ended?

Chainsaw Man Season 1 ended with 12 episodes that captivated and entertained fans. The story of Chainsaw Man season 1 ends with a victory against Katana Man.

6. When will Anime Chainsaw Man season 2 be released?

Based on the information, there has been speculation about the release date for the anime Chainsaw Man season 2. However, the MAPPA studio has provided no official statement to date.

There are rumors that season 2 will be released in the fall of 2024, but this news still needs to be confirmed.

Hopefully, fans will soon receive official news regarding the release date for season 2 of Chainsaw Man.

7. Is Chainsaw Man finished?

The first season of the Chainsaw Man anime series officially ended at the end of last year, with a total of 12 episodes that have aired.

However, the Chainsaw Man manga version is still ongoing for fans who want to continue the story. It reached chapter 116 in early January 2023.

Those who want to watch the Chainsaw Man anime can access it through Amazon Prime Video or the Ani-One channel on YouTube.

8. Who is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Makima, the main character in the anime and manga series Chainsaw Man, is known as a pure demon Control Devil who can control the minds of humans and other demons.

Despite working for the Public Security agency as the head of the 4th Special Division, Makima is actually the main antagonist in this story.

His mysterious and unpredictable character makes him the most popular character in Chainsaw Man.

Makima wants to control everything around him, including Denji, a Chainsaw Devil with the Power to defeat Makima himself.

Makima’s character is fascinating and raises many mysteries in the story. He has several powers, including a ranged attack that can kill his targets without them noticing.

Even so, the figure of Makima also has a big secret that continues to be a puzzle in the story. For Chainsaw Man fans, Makima is a fascinating character to follow.

9. Who is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Denji is the main character in the anime and manga series Chainsaw Man. In this story, we see an orphan’s struggle in debt to the Yakuza, but with unexpected luck.

He meets a demon named Pochita, who gives him strength and makes him the Chainsaw Man, the embodiment of the Chainsaw Devil.

Even though he looks like an ordinary character at first, Denji shows sides that are pretty interesting and unique.

Denji has excellent sensitivity and compassion towards his friends, despite working as a demon hunter and having a low income. He also dreams of having a girlfriend and a better life.

However, like most stories full of action and violence, Denji must face various obstacles and challenges that test his abilities as the Chainsaw Man.

In his life journey, he works with Makima and Aki to eradicate demons threatening humans.

Nonetheless, with an exciting plot and unique characters, Chainsaw Man can provide a tense and satisfying experience for anime and manga fans.

10. How to Watch Chainsaw Man?

To watch the Chainsaw Man anime, there are several streaming platform options to choose from. However, one of the most convenient ways to watch it is via Prime Video, Viu, or Crunchyroll.

11. Is Chainsaw Man on Netflix?

Fans of the Chainsaw Man anime can find this anime on Netflix. Don’t worry. For fans in Indonesia, this anime will air on the YouTube channel Ani-One Asia which has property rights in Southeast Asia and beyond.

An official trailer has been released to welcome season 1 of Chainsaw Man on Netflix in February 2023. It can be watched on the Netflix website.

However, it should be noted that Chainsaw Man is not an anime produced by Netflix. So, for those who want to enjoy this anime on Netflix, be patient because you must wait until February 2023.

12. Why did Makima kill Power?

Makima, a strong character in the anime and manga series Chainsaw Man, had several controversial acts which caused a lot of speculation from fans. One such controversial act was Power’s assassination, which is still debated today.

Makima was assigned to kill Zombie Devil, but he found that Denji had finished him first. Makima then takes Denji to the Public Security agency, making him an official demon hunter.

However, in the end, Makima loses his ability to regenerate because of the chainsaw weapon that Denji made from Power’s blood. This causes Denji to take Pochita back and end the fight.

In Chainsaw Man, Makima can control lesser living things and uses this ability.

13. Who is the main villain in Chainsaw Man?

The main villain in the anime Chainsaw Man in the first story is Makima, a Control devil who can control the minds of humans and demons with high strength.

Even though Gun Devil is the main antagonist at the beginning of the story, Makima is later revealed as a stronger villain with a dangerous evil plan.

Apart from that, other antagonist characters, such as Santa Claus and Gun Devil, exist. Each of these characters has a vital role in the story and strengthens the storyline in the Chainsaw Man anime.

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